About Us

The founders of Lim's Vintage women's fashions, specializing in embroidery, crochet, silk, and other handmade goods from China

Our story began in 1966 when we first opened up shop in Westwood Village in Los Angeles, California, right across from Bruin Theater and a mile from the UCLA campus.  As immigrants from China and the Philippines who came to the U.S. to complete our master's and doctoral degrees while simultaneously working to making a living, we eventually pulled enough resources to open up a boutique clothing shop that sold hand-beaded women’s dresses from Hong Kong and also did custom tailoring for men’s suits.  We then expanded into local, ready-made clothing and were successful enough to open a chain of retail stores throughout southern California. 

Photo of the team and staff of Lim's company during the 1980s


Photo of Mr. Lim and Florence Lim at one of their Lim's retail stores during the 1980s.

After China opened up in 1979 to the outside world, we returned to China and became the first sole distributor of all hand crocheted and hand embroidered women’s garments to the U.S. in the 1980’s.  We expanded our business into the wholesale realm and manufactured our Lim's crochet and embroidered women's clothing in both Shanghai, China and locally in the U.S. to various retail stores, catalog companies and department stores such as Nordstroms until the early 2000s. 

Mr. Robert Lim, founder of Lim's fashions, in Shanghai, China checking out the land which would become the factory where our clothes were manufactured and assembled.

  Model wears Lim's crochet tank top from the 1980s  Model wears Lim's crochet and embroidered kimono style jacket, top, and skirt set, from the 1980s.     Model wears a white Lim's hand crocheted midi dress with flared skirt.  Photo is from the 1980s.  1980s Lim's catalogue showing off our white hand crocheted dresses and two-piece top and skirt sets.  Lim's model from the 1990s wearing an embroidered three-piece jacket, tank top, and skirt set in beige  Lim's model from the 1990s wearing a two piece hand crocheted long sleeve top and skirt set

  After more than 40 years in the business, we still have many of the vintage Lim’s handmade goods to share with our customers, and we work hard to ensure that the quality and wearability of our vintage items remains intact.  We now work on a smaller scale, using our unique vintage hand crocheted and embroidered fabrics to come up with new designs and modern cuts.  We take care not to waste materials and to use primarily deadstock fabrics.  We remain an intimate family owned and operated business after all these years.

                       Lim's Crochet artist working on a dress  Mrs. Lim taking a look at a recently assembled dress using Lim's vintage embroidered tablecloth.                   Group photo of the design and manufacturing team at Lim's in Shanghai, China  Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Lim and daughter